2010/09/04 に公開

They are very simple movements. (play) ・・・・・・・no one play this (play)
I play a stroke ・・・・・WAZA-47・・・・that:s all.

I play the same using the 4fingers.
At first, please watch the movements of my(P) very carefully.
I used my 4fingers. (play) ! try once more.(play)
How about this? Could you see it?
Are they the same movements?
Usually, we play like this・・(play)
After our (P) moving to the ④th string, we play by (i,m,a,) (P)seems indifferent to the playing. It isn't so?

We play by other fingers during the (P) is playing by it's own work through.
What does it mean?・・・・・

 Please figure it out by yourself.
It becomes very important source of understanding the nature of Guitar itself.
I believe if you try it again and again, your guitarlife will change radically.

I play the simple etude for arpeggio, composed by F.Carulli.
Please watch my (P) carefully.

・・・・beginner's class play・・(play) next class play・・(play) at last・・(play)・・・


これはギター49の技・47番目 ギター音楽の源、ストローク